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Wine Routes

Wine Routes

With a history in wine making dating back to the Bronze age, Cyprus has been in the forefront of wine production for over 5,000 years. The Mediterranean climate and the fertile slopes of the Troodos mountain range created the ideal environment for vineyards to blossom. The development of indigenous varieties as well as the cultivation of other grape varieties, warrants the creation of exquisite wine.

Throughout the southern slopes of Troodos basking in the Mediterranean sun, discover wineries ready to offer culture and history in a glass. Take the chance to admire natural beauty, meet locals and explore rural life.

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) co-funded by EU Structural Funds, created ‘The Cyprus Wine Routes’. Visitors can follow signposted routes, allowing them to experience grape harvest, taste traditional food accompanied by plenty of wine.


Overlooking the sea, on the slopes of Troodos mountain are the renowned villages ‘Krasochoria’. Their name ‘Krasochoria’ translates to wine villages, denoting their rich history in wine production. Twenty villages intertwined with the greatest concentration of wineries found on the island promise inebriating landscape views, traditional architecture and picture perfect moments. Pair your wine tasting with exquisite traditional Cypriot cuisine and prepare to be swept away.


Savor royalty and journey back in time with the amber colored sweet wine known as Commandaria (Koumandaria). The world’s oldest named wine still in production dating back to 800 BC, is produced by fourteen designated villages dating back to the 12th century where the knights of St. John first begun production. Indigenous wine varieties are harvested and dried to enhance their sweet flavor. Nestled beside century old sights, like the Laneia wine press, are local wineries offering exceptional wine and stunning views. Journey to the age of the crusades by visiting the medieval castle of Kolossi along the way.


Perched on the eastern slope of the Troodos mountains are the the Pitsilia wine villages. The Pisilia village, a Nom d’Origine winner, along with the rest picturesque villages are scattered around the hillsides of Madari, Macharas and Papoutsa. The fertile land and high altitude of the region allow for a slow and effortless grape maturity contributing to the richness of the wine. Dominated by local grape varieties, the region promises an exceptional wine experience.