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The Troodos Geopark Visitor Centre

Science has proven that the Troodos mountains were formed over 92million years ago. They formed at the deepest depths of the ocean and emerged out of the sea, like the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, forming the mountain range and the island as it stands today.

Discover this uniqueness of Troodos mountain, and all the at the Troodos Georpark Visitor Centre, comprised in an area of 1.147 km2. The Centre, a proud member of the ”UNESCO Global Network of Geoparks”, contains information about the history of the area and a representation of the Troodos ophiolite sequence. Located near the old Asbestos mine, in a newly restored building of fine architecture and historic characteristics.

Delve into the history and geology of the area by exploring the exhibits of abandoned asbestos and chromite mines, evidence of the rich mining history of the island. Find rock exhibits, interactive high-tech display and video information of the island’s emergence from the sea.

The Geopark visitor Center also,

Before entering the Centre have a look at the entrance and take in the unique garden displaying all the rocks one will encounter in the area. An impressive maquette of the geology of the area, will highlight all the important sites found in the area. Learn about the procedure of copper production by examining the exhibits of ancient pyro-metallurgical furnace.


Take a piece of Troodos with you. Choose memorabilia from the shop made of raw materials found in the Troodos area.

We are confident
that a visit

Troodos is a source of scientific inspiration, education and insight into the geological processes taking place in the deepest part of the oceans. Hence, a visit at the Geopark Centre will one of the most extraordinary experiences.

Opening Hours


Weekly 09.00-16.00, except Monday
Adults €3 – Children €2
Revenues from ticket sales will be used for actions of the geopark. Special prices for Groups over 10 people.