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Troodos National
Forest Park Route

Troodos National Forest Park

As a mountain which formed over 92 million years ago, boasts towering forests and rock formations, made up of rocks of the earth’s mantle. Venture into one of the hike or bicycle routes or visit one of the Centres to learn more about this wonder of nature.

The Centres include:

  • Troodos Geopark visitor centre at the Amiantos mine exhibits all the information of the area’s geology. The centre is open daily except Monday 9.00-16.00
  • Troodos Botanical garden ‘A. G. Leventis’ inside the old Amiantos mine. Boasting 150 flora species, engulf yourself in enchanting aromas. Open daily 9.00 until 14.00 and on weekends until 16.00
  • The Troodos environmental centre located near the Troodos square, offers information about the region’s history and includes representation of habitats with stuffed animals and birds. Open daily 10.00 until 16.00 Phone: +357 25420144
  • Vineyard Museum, Pera Pdi, Phone: +357 25470903


As the winter’s sown melts and the rivers come to life, gushing waters cascade the mountainous area creating the majestic spectacle of waterfalls. Engulfed within lush forests fragranced by wild shrubs with melodies of nightingales, are the jewels of nature. Discover the famous Kaledonia waterfall, the Millomeris waterfall, holding the title of the highest waterfall of the islands, the Hantara waterfall and the Mesa Potamos waterfall. Trek along the nature trails and learn more about the endemic flora and fauna as well as admiring unforgettable landscape views.

Some trails include:

  • Artemis (circular) Length 7km start 300 meters from the point connecting the road to the Chionistra and the Troodos- Prodromos road.
  • Atalanti (circular) Length 14km start Troodos square
  • Persefoni trail (linear) length 3km start 150meters north of the Troodoa square towards the police station.


An island with a deep religious background offers numerous ancient chapels, churches and monasteries each ready with its own story to tell and boasting magnificent art. Two unique monasteries are the Monastery of Panayia Trooditissa located 5km northwest of Platres and the Timios Prodoromos Monastery at Mesa Potamos.


The old and renowned village of Platres, has to offer adventure, accommodation and pleasure.

  1. Sparti Adventure Park,, Τηλ:99100003
  2. Platres sports centre, ideal for all sports

For the adventure enthusiasts, the Platres sports centre is the ideal destination.
Chocoholics and indulgence pursuers, a visit to the chocolate workshop is the perfect indulgence.



  • Forest Park 4*: Tel.. 25421751,
  • New Helvetia Hotel 3*: Tel.25421348,
  • Edelweiss **: Tel.25421335,
  • Petit Palais **: Tel.25422723,
  • Spring *: Tel.25421330,
  • Semiramis: Tel. 99756796,

Troodos Square

  • Troodos Hotel**: Tel.25420000, www.troodos.hotel
  • Jubille**: Tel.25420107,


  • Okella: Tel..25432521
  • Troodos Botanical Garden “A.G. Leventis”

    Pano Amiantos
  • Kalidonia Waterfall

    Pano Platres
  • Atalanti Nature Trail

    Troodos Square
  • Millomeris Waterfall

    Pano Platres
  • View of Troodos Mountains

    Pano Amiantos
  • Trooditissa Monastery

    Foini Village