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Solea Valley Route

Solea Valley

Quaint villages dotted among the Solea valley are homes to UNESCO heritage Byzantine churches, traditional architecture and shed light on Cyprus’ history. Located 56km both from Lefkosia and Limassol explore the villages to unearth cobblestone streets and traditional accommodation and restaurants decorated with the smell and sound of pine trees, mountains and winding rivers. Galata and Kakopetria are popular amongst the villages with old mills, traditional cuisines and architecture. Other villages worth mentioning are Evrychou, Flasou and Korakou.


  • Explore the traditional core of Kakopetria. Scenic traditional homes built along the river bank and cobbled alleys. Visit the Linos and olive mill.
  • Discover nature by trekking the many nature trails found in the area.


  • Panagia Podithou church in Galata (contact tel.9996717776).
  • Folkrole cillage museum, at the restored old primary schools of the community next to the Community Council offices. (open daily 9.00-15.00)


  • Discover the historic railway museum in Evrychou, housed at the old Evrychou railway station. Open Monday till Sunday 9.30-17.00.



  • Ekali***: Tel.22922501,
  • Hellas***: Tel.22922450,
  • Crystal*: Tel. 22922433,
  • Mill***: Tel.22922536,
  • Minaides *: Tel.22922421,
  • Maritsas House: Tel.22764998
  • Enipnion: Tel.22924500,
  • Linos Inn: Tel.22423161,


  • Xenis House : Tel.22922391


  • Antigonis House : Tel.22923064
  • Marjay inn: Tel.22922208

View of Old Kakopetria Village

Solea Region

Picturesque Streets of Old Kakopetria Village

Solea Region

Klarios River – Vateri Nature Trail

Kakopetria Village (Solea Region)

Panagia tis Podithou Church

Galata Village (UNESCO)

Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis Church

Kakopetria Village (UNESCO)

Cyprus Railway Museum

Evrychou Village