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Pitsilia Region Route

Pitsilia Region

Located east of Mount Olympos, the Pitsilia region comprises of 11 quaint villages nestled amid vineyards and valleys. Located east of Mount Olympos, the Pitsilia region comprises of 11 quaint villages nestled amid vineyards and valleys. The Pisilia village, a Nom d’Origine winner, along with the rest picturesque villages are scattered around the hillsides of Madari, Macharas and Papoutsa. The fertile land and high altitude of the region allow for a slow and effortless grape maturity contributing to the richness of the wine. Dominated by local grape varieties, the region promises an exceptional wine experience.

Interest points


  1. The Metamorphosis tou Sotiros church (Unesco monument). Open every Tuesday and Wedsnesday 10.00-13.00. For information (99974230-99793362)
  2. Byzantine heritage Musuem contact (22643012)
  3. The museum in Memory of the 55-59 Fight with the famous hideout of Gregori Afxentiou in an oven. For visits call (22643012-22642772)


  1. Family owned manufacturers of smoked cold cuts, sweets and rose products
  2. The mesum of the artist Frangoulides ( For visits 25522144)
  3. The church of Panyia of Eleousas with unique exhibits from the old Monastery of Great Agros


  1. Timios Stavros 12th century church ( Unesco monument). (For visits tel:255552369)
  2. Family owned manufacturers of cold cuts, pastries and the TSIAKKAS winery


  1. The Traditional Rural Life and Natural History museum (9/00-15.00 / 99352547)
  2. The museum of the EOKA struggle ‘55-’59 (9.00-15.00 / 99352547)
  3. The Timios Stavros church 16th (9.00-15.00 / 99352547)
  4. Agia Marina church 19th (9.00-15.00 / 99352547)
  5. Agios Arsenios church a copy of a Early- Christiana church (9.00-17.00 / 99409041, 99352547)
  6. Family owned manufacturers of cold cuts and the Kyperounta Winery.

For adventure enthusiasts, visit the Adventure Mountain Park theme park for an opportunity to rock climb, ice skate and paintball.

Climb uphill to the Mandaris mountain range, discover the signs showing the network trails the area has to offer.

The two most popular are

  1. Tisia tis Mandaris (circular) length 3km. Start near the fire lookout station of Mandaris, uniquely impressive trail of immense geological value with tall cliffs.
  2. Mandaris Fire lookout- Doxa si o theos (linera) length 3.8km. Start near the Mandaris fire lookout station or from the Kyperounta- Caves (Spilion) main road. The trail offers a view in all directions.

Travelling downhill from Mandaris the journey continues at Lagoudera, Plistipo, Alona, Platanistasa, Aska and Fterikoudi with noteworthy religious monuments and the famous hazelnut forest.


  1. Panagia tou Araka 12th century ( Unesco monument). Visits daily 9.00-17.30 except Mondays. Alona- Polistipos

Alona- Polistipos Trails in the Hazelnut forest

  1. Petros Vanzis trail: Length 1.5km, Time: half an hour, Type of trail : circular, Difficulty level 2


  1. Stavros tou Agiasmati church (Unesco monument) (Fr=or visits conact the coffeehouse 99514179)



  • Rodon Hotel ***: Tel 25521201,
  • Vlachos Hotel: Tel. 25521330


  • Livadia Hotel *: Tel.25532929


  • Ambelikos : Tel.25522211 –


  • Farmakas Living: Tel.22498150,


  • Evgenias House : Tel. 22642344,
  • Lyhnos: Tel.99544808,


  • Miltiadis and Vasilou Guesthouse: Tel.22320755


  • Archontiko Rousias : Tel.99947143 www,
  • Isminis Petroktisto : Tel.99438681


  • Myroforas House : Tel. 25381436 ,
  • Evdokias House : Tel. 25381436 ,

View of Palaichori Village

Pitsilia Region

Metamorfosis tou Sotiros Church

Palaichori Village (UNESCO)

View of Pelendri Village

Pitsilia Region

Agios Arsenios Church

Kyperounta Village

Panagia tou Araka Church

Lagoudera Village (UNESCO)

View of Agros Village

Pitsilia Region