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& Dams

Waterfalls & Dams

Hidden away in the deep forest of the Troodos mountain area, are picturesque wonders of nature. Filled with natural river networks, during winter months, rain transforms into rivers and dams fill with water. Explore the forest and admire cascading waters at one of the waterfalls, walk along the rivers and enjoy the peaceful sound of streaming water and witness the beauty of dams filled with 17 species of fish. Take the opportunity to fish at one of the six dams: Kafizes dam – Kalopanagiotis dam – Palaichori dam – Prodromos dam – Xyliatos dam – Asprokremmos dam. Due to the long, dry summers the island’s water supply relies on the dams and when the winter rain overflows them, a picturesque spectacle is devised.

For fishing you need to get a special permit to be able to fish.
Around three thousand are fishing enthusiasts in our watercourses, who each year obtain a permit from the Department of Fisheries. Amateur fishermen are particularly interested in dams where there are mostly trout.

Licenses and terms
The fishing licenses are issued by the headquarters, as well as by the District Offices of the Fisheries Department. The process of obtaining a fishing license is simple, as long as the interested party presents his complete details and pays the corresponding fee.


Journey along a nature trail along the river Kryos and uncover one of the most attractive and renowned falls in Cyprus. At an altitude of 1330 meters north of Pano Platres, splashing…

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Within dense pine forest, filled by golden oak, bushes and shrubs at an altitude on 1035meters one will discover the Xantara waterfalls. Eight-meter-high waterfalls form…

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The highest waterfall of the Troodos mountain range are the Millomeris Falls. Water falls vehemently from a height of 20 meters on rocks composed of diabase. Located along the river…

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At an altitude of 1000 meters, along the river bed of Arkolachanias or Mesa Potamos river, one comes across the Mesa Potamos waterfalls. Located north…

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An awe inspiring dam fed by the Diarizos River, is the Arminou dam. Located northeast of the Arminou village a dam with 4.3 million cubic meters’ capacity, it is an experience…

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Built during the 80s, between the villages of Xyliatos and Lagoudera, nestles the Xyliatos dam. Mirrored by the water filling the dam is the dense pine forest. Encircled by…

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Just outside the village of Kalopayiotis, discover a man-made lake operating since 1969. The Kalopayiotis dam, is a popular hotspot for trout fishing, as it’s the only…

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Cocooned by dense pine forest at an altitude of 1600 meters, is a rectangular artificial lake constructed in 1962. With a capacity of 122,000 cubic meters, the Prodromos…

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