Platres Village

Lavender Festival

The Lavender Festival takes place every first weekend of July in Platres . This event includes seminars on the healing properties of Lavender, entrepreneurship and tourism, workshops for Lavender distillation and bouquets ,culinary delicacies , arts and crafts based on Lavender, organic cosmetics and guided walks with herbalists in Lavender plantations around Platres.

Date: 04-05/07/2020
Location: Platres Cultural Centre
Contact Phone: +357 99 427980 – 99410520

Agros Village

Rose Festival

This event is organized every year in Agros and lasts for two weekends. During the festival, visitors have the chance to visit the local workshops and attend the distillation of roses. They can also visit the rose exhibition and various kiosks that sell traditional products. At the same time, people can enjoy folk dance and music performances throughout the duration of the festival. All the sights of the village are open for the public to see.

Dates: 9-10/5/2020 – 16-17/5/2020
Location: Area around Glafkos Clerides Sport Centre , Agros village
Contact Phone: +357 99 352547 – 25 521333

Dora Village

Revivals Festival

The event aims at reviving the customs of the community of Dora ,through the presentation of traditional crafts and the display of the creation of traditional products .(halloumi, palouze, trahana ,bread products)In parallel ,visitors will have the opportunity to attend the musical and dance events and visit the ancient churches of the village.

Date: 31/5/2020
Location: Dora community square
Contact Phone: +357 99 533740

Platres Village

Aromatic & Healing Herbs of Cyprus- Festival- Conference & Exhibition

The festival takes place at the Cultural Centre of Platres .Its purpose is to promote the healing properties of Cypriot herbs-674 different types. The event includes a herbal exhibition which is a national gathering of herb growers. Visitors have the chance to taste tea & herbal gastronomy as well as organic hand crafted beauty and wellness products , participate in guided herbal walks, seminars, workshops, , and organized nature walks and visit to Troodos botanical gardens .

Date: 31/5/2020
Venue: Platres’s Cultural Centre
Contact Phone: +357 99 410520 – 99 427980

Platanistasa Village

Hazelnut Festival

At the Annual Hazelnut Festival in the beautiful village of Platanistasa ,visitors can try the year’s freshly cut hazelnuts with some (Zivania) for free. Guided walks through the hazelnut forest and visits to the Byzantine church and other monuments . kiosks with local gastronomy ,traditional sweets and more local products .Live traditional music and dancing .

Date: 02/08/2020
Location: Platanistasa village
Contact Phone: +357 99 218713

Galata Village

Pastry and Baking Goods Festival

The festival takes place at Galata’s square and is dedicated to baking various pastries, as the area has a long tradition due to the many mills that existed there for ages. Pastry making and baking demonstrations ,traditional arts and crafts, and folklore programme. Guests have the chance to visit the village’s byzantine churches and Folk Art Museum.

Date: 06/09/2020
Location: Galata village-community council square
Contact Phone: +357 22 923250 – 99 352547

Arsos Village

Grape Feast – Wine Villages

During Semptember and October, the wine villages organise various events dedicated to the grape and its sub-products. Visitors can attend the making of palouzes and shoushoukos , enjoy various grape delicacies ,participate in competitions, wine tasting , and entertainment shows including folk music, theatre productions, and revival of old traditional customs. Visitors can also learn about the village ’s traditional houses, visit local museums, churches and other sights.

Date: 27/09/2020
Location: Community square
Contact Phone: +357 99 352547

Kyperounta Village

Apple Festival

The two-day festival takes place in Kyperounta, and includes an open air market with fresh seasonal apples, traditional products, fresh apple juice, apple pies, apple vinegar etc, an apple exhibition featuring all the types of apples that grow in Cyprus, competitions for the best apple pie, and many more. There are also seminars about the beneficial properties of apples, as well as a full folklore entertainment show. Visitors are encouraged to take a walk around the village and see the local museums and exceptional churches.

Date: 27/09/2020
Location: Kyperounda Village
Contact Phone: +357 99 352547

Alona – Pelentri Village

Zivania Festival

Zivania is a traditional alcoholic beverage made only in Cyprus. Zivania has been produced in Cyprus since the time the Republic of Venice ruled the island, around the end of the 14th century. Since 2004 , Zivania has been protected under the EU regulations as a product unique to Cyprus and as such cannot be produced in any other country and marketed under this name.

The festival takes place in Alona and Pelendri in two consecutive weekends. It includes distillation of Zivania demonstration, promotional kiosks with traditional products, and folklore music and dance programmes. The local sights are open for visitors during the festival.

Date: 01/11/2020
Location: Alona village square (Pitsilia region)
Contact Phone: +357 25 421020 – 99 352547 – 99 630414

Date: 08/11/2020
Location: Pelendri village square
Contact Phone: +357 25 552503 – 99 352547 – 99 630414

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