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The Area

Welcome to Troodos Mountain Villages

Within the mountains and valleys of Troodos are scenic villages offering a taste of Cyprus’ traditional architecture, decorated with cobbled streets. Oozing with charm and hospitality the villages are an opportunity to explore traditional local cuisine. You can find them amid orchards, vineyards or pine trees depending on the area of the mountain range.

Wine Villages Region

With a history dating 6000 years back Cyprus has to offer a rich history. The wine villages in Troodos are perhaps the most renowned on the island. Located in the Limassol district, a visitor can find the greatest concentration of wineries on the island. Also known as ‘Krasohoria’ which translates to ‘wines villages’, their inebriating charm is one not to be missed. Pair your wine experience with scenic views of villages with traditional architecture, cobbledstone streets and complete your journey at one of best traditional taverns for an authentic taste of Cyprus cuisine.

The ‘Krasohoria’ region encompasses 20 villages found on the southern slopes of Troodos. Visit one of the many wineries dotted on the mountain slopes and taste the famous ancient sweet wine ‘Commandaria’, or an eclectic range of both white and red varieties.

Pitsilia Region Villages

Located east of Mount Olympos, the Pitsilia region comprises of 11 quaint villages nestled amid vineyards and valleys. The Pisilia village, a Nom d’Origine winner, along with the rest picturesque villages are scattered around the hillsides of Madari, Macharas and Papoutsa. The fertile land and high altitude of the region allow for a slow and effortless grape maturity contributing to the richness of the wine. Dominated by local grape varieties, the region promises an exceptional wine experience.

Troodos Nature Park
Region Villages

Rising above the seaside on the foothills of Troodos, the Lemesos (Limassol) Mountain Resort region offers picturesque village communities.

Step into adventure with one of the many networks of nature trails, suitable for all ages and fitness levels, or explore the region with mountain biking along cycling routes. If you visit the slopes during the winter season the snow filled hills of Troodos are available for skiing. Discover the history and all the information regarding the geology, flora and fauna of the region at the Troodos Environmental Information Centre located 200 meters west of Troodos square. One of the biggest Troodos mountain resort is Pano Platres, located 5km from Troodos square and at 1.230m altitude. A place where you can find a concentration of Troodos accommodation, enjoy the gushing waters at breathtaking waterfalls and take in Cypriot history.

Tip: For a unique picnic experience visit the Platania Picnic area, located 6km from Kakopetria on the Kakopetria-Troodos road. Relax or take a stroll under the mesmerizing plane trees. Facilities include picnic tables, a restaurant and children’s play area.

Solea Valley Villages

Quaint villages dotted among the Solea valley are homes to UNESCO heritage Byzantine churches, traditional architecture and shed light on Cyprus’ history. Located 56km both from Lefkosia and Limassol explore the villages to unearth cobblestone streets and traditional accommodation and restaurants decorated with the smell and sound of pine trees, mountains and winding rivers. Galata and Kakopetria are popular amongst the villages with old mills, traditional cuisines and architecture. Other villages worth mentioning are Evrychou, Flasou and Korakou.

Marathasa Valley Villages

Home to some of the region’s most important churches and monasteries and famous for its cherry trees the Marathasa valley has many to offer to a visitor. Visit picturesque villages such as Kalopanagiotis, Moutoullas and Pedoulas for a taste of Cypriot rural life.

On your climb to Toodos mountain find them from the north along the Lefkosia-Evrychou-Troodos road and from the south along the Lemesos-Platres-Prodromos road.

Commandaria Region Villages

Also known the as the ‘Kings wine’ Commandaria or Koummandaria is a Wine of Controlled Denomination of origin wine dating back to the 12th century, made in the Commandaria region villages. Found on the southern slopes of Troodos, north of Lemesos (Limassol) it comprises of 14 designated villages. Visitors can discover the local wine production in small wineries operating in some villages.

The appropriately named ‘vin de Commanderie’ or ‘Koumandaria wine’ is believed to be one of the oldest named wines in the world, having been referred to by its name for eight centuries.