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Marathasa Valley Route

Marathasa Valley

Home to some of the region’s most important churches and monasteries and famous for its cherry trees the Marathasa valley has many to offer to a visitor. Visit picturesque villages such as Kalopanagiotis, Moutoullas and Pedoulas for a taste of Cypriot rural life.


  • The Agios Ioannis Lambadistis church with the 3 churches dating from the 11th century until the 16th century. (Open daily 9.00-13.00, 16.00-18.00)
  • The byzantine icon museum of the Lambadistis Monastery. (Open 9.30-17.00 and Sundays 11.00-15.30)

The quaint village of Oikos is located acroos Kalopanayiotis village. If you climb uphill on the road to Kykkos, past Gerakies, reach the famous Panagia tou Kykkou monastery.


  1. The Monastery of Kykkos was founded at the end of the 11th century during the reign of Emperor Alexios Komnenos I and was dedicated to Panagia ( the Virgin Mary). Housed inside is one of three reacuse icons of The Virgin Mary attributed to Apostle Luke.
  2. The monastery museum is open daily 10.00-18.00
  3. Visit the tomb of the island’s first president, Archbishop Makarios.

Continue your journey towards the verdant villages pf Tsakkistra and Kambos.


  • Also knon as Kambos tis Tsakkistras, the quaint village offers numerous churches and chapels to see.
  • Visit the Kambos forest museum ( informario 22942450)

Climb uphill on the route towards Troodos, reaching Pedoula and subsequently Moutoulla.


  • Pedoulas Folkloric museum (Open Tuesday till Sunday 9.30-16.00)
  • Pedoulas Byzantine museum (Open Tuesday till Sunday 10.00-16.00)
  • The ancient church of Archangel Michael (UNESCO monument). The church is open daily 10.30-17.00.


  • Visit the Panagia tou Moutoulla churcha (UNESCO monument) for visits ask the key from the village coffeehouse.

Continuing the uphill drive, you wil reach the highest village of the island, Prodromos and near it the Panagia tis Trikoukkiotissas monastery.

Descend from Prodromos, and explore the rest of the Marathasa villages, such as Lemithou, Paliomio, Agio Dometio, Tris Elies and Kaminaria.



  • Health Habitat**: Tel.22952283,
  • Health Habitat**: Tel.22952283,
  • Central Hotel: Tel. 22952457,
  • Mountain Rose: Tel.22952727
  • Two Flowers: Tel.22952372
  • Elyssia Traditional Hotel: Tel.22953737,


  • Agia Marina: Tel.22952444,
  • Agios Andronikos: Tel.99646151,
  • Agios Kyriakos: Tel.99819242
  • Archontiko I Misirlou: Tel. 99571512,
  • Atratsa Mountain Suites: Tel. 99464664,
  • Byzantino: Tel.22952444,
  • Iliako 1 & 2: Tel.22952444,
  • Olgas Katoi: Tel. 22350283
  • The Loutraki: Tel. 22952444
  • Hani Chrisomilou: Tel.22666298
  • Kastalia: Tel.22952455
  • Laouri: Tel.22952444,
  • Maison Elena: Tel.99447871,
  • Maratho: Tel.22952444,
  • Pantheo: Tel.22952444,
  • Kastri: Tel.99582802,
  • Palataki Vasiklikis :Tel.22491365,
  • Anastous Traditional House: Tel.99823009
  • Plyxeni’s House: Tel.22497509
  • Troullino: Tel.22952444,
  • Hani Chrysomilou: Tel. 99530540,


  • Platia : Tel 97608464

Tris Elies

  • To Spitiko tou Archonta: Tel 99527117,

View of Moutoullas Village

Marathasa Region

Agios Ioannis Lambadistis Monastery

Kalopanayiotis Village (UNESCO)

View of Pedoulas Village

Marathasa Region

Kykkos Monastery

Pafos Forest

Pafos Forest

(Troodos Mountains)

View of Kambos Village

Pafos Forest