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Artist Solomos Frangoulides Museum

Located in Agros, the museum displays rough drafts as well as complete works by the artist.
Tel: 25-521201, 99-436313

Botanical Park

Located in the old Amiantos mine a park with a variety of indigenous plants and trees.
Tel: 25-550091

Donkey Sanctuary

Visit the sanctuary to see one of the most important animals of Cyprus linked with the history and culture of this island.

Ecclesiastical museums

Located in the villages of Agridia , Agros, Arsos, Kalopanagiotis, Koilani, Kykkos monastery, Kyperounta, Omodos, Palaichori and Pedoulas. These house a collection of icons and ecclesiastical objects.

Folk Art Museums

Located in Arsos, Galata, Koilani, Kyperounta and Omodos villages. Shoe maker museum, located in Spilia village.

Medieval Bridges

The medieval Venetian bridges of Elaia and Kelefos are located near the village of Kaminaria.

Pylavakion pottery museum

Located in Foini village, a private collection displaying examples of local pottery, traditional agricultural tools and early 20th century household items.

Rural museum

Located in Fikardou, deserted village declared an ancient monument and carefully restored to preserve its 18th century houses.

Two such houses known as the “Katsinioros” and “Achilleas Dimitris” residenceshost an interesting rural museum presenting exhibits from agricultural life in Cyprus as well as traditional weaving . The two buildings have been awarded the “Europa Nostra” architecture.

During normal winter weather contditions Troodos can offer visitors an enjoyable skiing experience. The location is mount Olympus(Chionistra) at 1,952m , an ideal setting for novice and expert skiers. Ski instruction lessons and equipment rental are available from the local ski club.

Tel: 25-420104/5, 25-420165

Sports Facilities

A variety of indoor sports can be enjoyed in modern sports hall located in Agros village. Tel: 22-897700, 25 521455 Additional sports halls are planned in the villages of Platres and Kyperounta.
Tel: 25-813112

Traditional rose water extraction workshop

Located in Agros village.
Tel: 25-521893


The Kalidonia and Myllomeris Waterfalls are a short walk from Pano Platres and the Chandara Waterfalls near Foini village.

Water dams

Located in scenic areas near Kalopanagiotis, Palaichori, and Prodromos, these fresh water dams are ideal relaxing day trip locations for the whole family.

Bread products: you can taste and buy the arkatena (crunchy rolls made out of the froth of chick-peas and other spices) in the villages Vasa.

Dairy Products:you can find the anari, challoumi, and trahana in the villages of Dora, Pachna and Vasa.

Delicatessen: Taste and buy the smoked and wine flavored pork products like sausages, lountza, choiromeri, posirti, and nonetheless the tsamarella and apoxti (sun dried salted goat meat). These products can be found in Agros, Dymes, Kato Mylos, Kyperounta, Palaichori and Pelendri.

Grape Products: some of the grape products are palouzes (grape Juice custard) soutzioukkos (grape juice with almond nuts) and grape syrup. They can be found in villages of Agros , Kalopanagiotis, Koilani and Palaichori.

Koumandaria: Koumandaria, the desert wine of Cyprus is produced in the villages of the Koumandaria region.

Sweets: you can buy the spoon sweets( preserved fruits and syrup) marmalades and delights in the Troodos area and visit the sweets workshops in Agros and Amiantos and the workshop of delights in Foini. In the chocolate workshop of Platres you can find chocolates of traditional products filling.

Herbal products: buy herb infusions in Arsos, Mandria and essential oils, herb infusions and other herbs in Korakou village.

Trout Products:you can eat and buy fresh trout in Kakopetria , Kalopanagiotis, Platres and fresh or smoked trout in Foini.

Zivania:Zivania is the traditional alcoholic beverage of Cyprus and it is produced in Omodos.

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