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Recent archaeological foundings confirmed the production of wine in Cyprus for nearly 5,000 years. Most A great number of vineyards are located in the Troodos area, predominantly on the southern slopes of the ‘Krassochoria’ and ‘Koumandaria’ regions. Local communities grow many indigenous and other varieties of grapes, ideal for wine.

Scattered throughout the sun kissed southern slopes of Troodos, a number of small enterprise wineries welcome visitors. It is the perfect opportunity to meet and mix with

the local people. It is recommended that prior to a visit, one should make telephone contact to make sure the winery will be open. A list of Troodos wineries is available from the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) information offices.

CTO has launched the “The Cyprus Wine Routes”, where visitors can follow signposted routes driving through beautiful landscapes with wineries and traditional tavernas on the way. The project was co-financed by EU Structural Funds.


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